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Hello Family, Friends, and Curious Readers,

Thanks for stopping in to see what I am up to. This is my first blog, and I hope not to bore you too much with the details of my life. But rather hope to offer you some insights into development work, the highs, the lows, and well the boring.

But before I move away for 27 months, let me give you a little information about myself before I lose a steady internet connection.

So after graduating from Boston College in 2005, I decided I wanted to learn Spanish and "save the world" so I moved to Cusco, Peru. I began by volunteering for The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco by researching and writing a small business plan for the organization. I continued to work with the organization until February of 2008, when I returned to the US to prepare for my move to Madrid, Spain for 15 months to study an International MBA at IE Business School. And now, after a year of searching for the perfect development job, and taking odd jobs in the meantime, I have joined the Peace Corps and am volunteering again. So wish me luck, and PLEASE someone stop me from volunteering again!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long Awaited Pictures! My site!

Elena, my homestay niece, striking a pose next to our new water filter!

Elena inside our new water filter haha

Elena playing her Marimba, doesn't she look like Boo from Monsters, Inc.?

My house from the outside

My street

The Rio Grande of Matagalpa

The Cathedral of Matagalpa

Greatest coffee shop in Nicaragua!

Me and fellow teachers at one of my 3 schools!

One of my classes, I was trying to take the picture covertly...

Classes in Nicaragua are big, and more often than not loud!
Disclaimer: I live in the best city in all of Nicaragua, even though I am sure this opinion is very biased (as I live here hahaha)


  1. Thanks for posting all the wonderful pictures. Great to get a little glimpse of your life in Nicaragua.

  2. #1 Project Runway awaits.
    #2 Make it work!
    #4 Pretty nice place!
    #5 Paved!
    #8 Check out that typeface. Check out their story.
    #10 Kid in front caught you,
    #11 My favorite!!!